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Selling your home for the first time can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but fear not! In this blog we’ll walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that you are well prepared for this exciting journey.

From hiring a trusted realtor (like us!) to effectively marketing your home, hosting open houses, negotiating offers, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or completely new to the world of real estate, you’ll find valuable insights here on how to make your home sale a successful and satisfying experience. So lets dive in!

Pick a Realtor (us!)

Choosing the right realtor is a crucial first step in selling your home. Its not only about their in-depth knowledge of the area but also their honesty and upfront communication, even if what they’re saying isn’t exactly what you want to hear. Trust is vital when selling a home and a lot of realtors out there will sell you what you want to hear just to get the deal. These realtors may guarantee selling your house the fastest for the most money but if the market isn’t backing that up those promises can be very detrimental and often have the opposite impact.

A realtor should be there for you every step of the way from preparing your home, setting a competitive price, gathering all the necessary documents and information and ensuring effective marketing strategies.

Preparing Your Home

It’s important to prepare your home before you list it on the market. Being honest with yourself about how your home presents itself is key. Looking at your home not from the lens of all the cherished memories you’ve built but from the perspective of potential buyers, people who don’t have any emotional connection to the home yet.

Decluttering is a key first step. Removing excess decor, toys and laundry piled up on our favourite chair are just some of the simple and easy ways to get rid of clutter. Ensuring you give your home a good deep clean. Whether that’s by a professional company or you do it yourself. Wiping marks off of the walls, cleaning the fronts of your cabinets, ensuring your floors and washed and vacuumed, bathrooms are clean and there’s a nice fresh and inviting smell when you walk in are very important.

Pricing Your Home & Gathering Documents & Paperwork

One of our key services as being a top real estate team in the lower mainland and arguably the single handed most important decision when selling your home is helping you determine the ideal price for your property. We will collaborate with you to establish strategies tailored to your specific situation, ensuring that we maximize every opportunity to obtain the top dollar for your home. Its important to conduct a comprehensive market analysis (CMA). This process evaluates similar properties in your area, recent sales and current market conditions.

Second, gathering all the necessary documents is crucial to the process. The wealth of information these documents provide can be a powerful tool in selling your home. These documents provide a wealth of information that are a powerful tool to selling your home. Additionally we’ll guide you through signing the listing contract – its important to note that the listing contract can be terminated at any point by you if necessary.

Marketing Your Home, Open Houses & Showings

The success of selling your property is directly tied to how well its promoted. The broader the reach, the greater the likelihood of attracting potential buyers quickly.

It’s important that you get a realtor who does the most for you. Our team specializes in a comprehensive marketing plan that ensures your property receives the attention it deserves. We can’t give all of our secrets away so if you’re interested in hearing more, please reach out and we will be more than happy to dive into detail on all our marketing strategies. But we can list a few things that sets us apart.

Professional photo & video services – don’t accept a realtor who’s using their iPhone to take listing photos! 3D floor plans provide a virtual walk through, drone shots offer stunning Ariel views and a custom website fully dedicated to your property is just some of what we do.

Its important to stay with the times, that’s why all of our agents are fully up to date on all social media platforms to utilize and capitalize on what’s trending. This ensures that we are always staying relevant.

We like to think of our open houses and showings as immersive experiences. Not only do we provide in-depth knowledge on the property and surrounding community. But we also create a home environment offering beverages, baking cookies, creating ambiance through music that fits the energy of the home and more.

Offers & Negotiations

Navigating the negotiation process is where our expertise truly shines. Upon receiving an offer we guide you through the intricate dance of negotiating terms and conditions, presenting you with options to accept, counter or reject.

The steps of offer acceptance goes as follows:

  1. Accept an offer
  2. Remove Subjects
  3. Prepare for closing

Prep for Closing & The Big Move

Prep For Closing & The Big Move

The day has finally come, time to move out and let the buyers move in. The buyers funds will be transferred to you minus the fees associated with the sale (commissions, lawyers fees etc) along with the title of the property.

Don’t forget to change your address on your drivers license and with the CRA. Did you know you can set up mail forwarding to your new address with Canada Post?

Looking to learn about buying for the first time? Check out our last blog post here to read more!

A First-Timers Guide to Selling Your Home

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